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Statewide Cleaning Cloths Australia

Australia's ZERO WASTE Textiles Collector

Statewide Cleaning Cloths Australia (SCCA) was established in 1995 as a cleaning cloth provider to service industries. In 2003, we started serving charities by providing collection services for unwanted donated clothing, shoes, bags, and toys. We then responsibly recycle these secondhand items. 

SCCA package and ship these items to Malaysia where Australian Textiles Manufacturing Malaysia (ATMM) sort the collected stock into various categories. This process culminates in about 55% of clothing receiving its second life for export worldwide as affordable textiles.


The other 45% is recycled into mechanically separated fibres for mats, blankets, bags, wiper materials, refurbishment, repair, upcycled, recycled processed engineered fuel with zero textiles going into landfill. This is a full-circle process that has diverted approximately 500,000 tonnes of unwanted clothing from landfills across Australia. 

Circular Economy and Zero Waste to Landfill


We believe in a high level of maturity in approaches to consumption and waste. 

 To shop and for circular economy news, visit the Upcycle4Better website.

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